Why MyMathLab is an Excellent Choice for Educators

How MyMathLab Helps Teachers

Why MyMathLab is an Excellent Choice for Educators

Are you a math educator looking to give your students an edge in their studies while also making your teaching life more manageable? 

Pearson’s MyMathLab has proven to be an excellent tool for students and educators alike. 

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Math is often a great source of anxiety for students. So why not try to give them the best learning experience possible to beat that stress?

Not only does MyMathLab provide tools for your students, but it also offers excellent resources to you, the educator. 

Let’s take a look at what makes MyMathLab an easy A for teachers. 

Flexible curriculum builder

As a teacher, designing the course curriculum is a significant part of the job. 

Luckily, with MyMathLab, teachers have an easy to personalize, flexible curriculum design system at their fingertips. 

Every educator’s spin on a class is unique, and you’ll find no trouble personalizing your class to give your students the best possible learning experience. 

MyMathLab provides educators with features like custom assignment categories/weights, custom color-coding, and flexible calendar scheduling. 

Teacher’s lives can also become much simpler if they choose to use the provided MyMathLab content that is based on the textbook. However, educators can build their assignments as well if they wish.  

Powerful data & analytics

In the modern world, information is king in any field of work or study.

Teaching is no exception. 

Pearson’s MyMathLab gives teachers the information crown through the use of data and analytics to help them better understand student performance. 

Teachers also get one roof to house all of their course information from the grade book to every assignment, test, and quiz that students complete on the platform. This makes a teacher’s organizational needs much more manageable, with everything being stored in the same place and easy to access. 

Also, you won’t need to wonder if students are struggling hard or breezing through the material with MyMathLab’s performance analytics. 

These data points allow educators to see an overview of their course, giving them percentage distributions of student grades so you can quickly see how the class is fairing. 

You’ll also quickly be able to see data for specific students or assignments, so you know what the class does well and where the road got rocky for them. 

A new feature in development by Pearson is the early alert system. This system utilizes algorithms to show you detailed reports of an individual student’s performance so you can identify who is struggling as quickly as possible and reach out to them to make sure they get the help they need. 

Unique learning tools to empower your students

Something essential to consider when putting a new system in front of your students is: “does it have the tools to help them succeed?” 

Here’s the answer:


One of the powerful tools that Pearson has included within MyMathLab is something called Skill Builder. Skill Builder is an adaptive practice platform that changes based on student performance. 

This ensures that each student will be pushed in the direction they need to go to better understand key concepts. Unfortunately, this tool is only available in select courses, so you’ll have to find out if it applies to your subject.

Another great tool you can use to help your students is personalized homework. This tool involves having students take a quiz/test and being assigned homework that’s adapted to how they performed. Yet another tool to help ensure your students are getting practice where they need it. 

MyMathLab also provides a small but strong selection of tools for your students while they’re working. 

Different tools available to them include:

  • Help Me Solve This – Walks students step by step through a problem they may be struggling with.
  • Show Me an Example – Gives students a step by step guide through a similar problem to the one they are trying to solve.
  • Videos – Some sections come with educational videos that students can watch while working to understand a concept better.
  • eText access – At the click of a button, students can instantly access the relevant portion of their textbook and review concepts they may be struggling to understand. 
  • Easy access to youThat’s right. There’s even an option where students can contact you directly about a specific problem so you can provide them with assistance.

Give your students an edge

We know it’s your goal as an educator to give your students the best chance possible at success.

Through custom course designs, powerful data, and great tools to aid your students, Pearson’s MyMathLab is an educational software fit to give them that chance. 

If you’d like to educate your students on the software or get a look at it from a student perspective, we have a full MyMathLab review available for you. 

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