What to Watch Out for When Downloading YouTube Videos

Warning Signs of a Bad Youtuber Converter

What to Watch Out for When Downloading YouTube Videos


Downloading YouTube videos or using MP3 converter sites is a great way to save videos or audio offline.

Once you have the downloaded file, you can save it for later or even create an offline playlist for your mobile device.

Using Youtube video or MP3 converters also helps you avoid paying monthly fees that you’d need to pay with a premium Youtube account. And on top of that, Youtube videos don’t even play in the background if you switch apps or put your phone on sleep mode with mobile.

Most of the time, these Youtube converter sites are 100% free, so that leads us with one question:

How are these sites profitable?

For many of these websites, they come with spammy ads. But some are flat-out dangerous websites that you should never even think of using.

Let’s go over the good, bad, and the ugly with these Youtube converters.

Don’t worry. There are good Youtube to MP3 converters.

Don’t be alarmed.

Here’s a quick tip for finding a safe MP3 converter:

Stay away from the converters that are low-ranking on Google — especially if they’re not even on the first page results. Most of the time, the top-ranking converter sites on Google are pretty safe to use. It’s always in Google’s best interest to rank the best sites for the user.

Not all of these sites are the spawn of satan or are full of hackers trying to steal your information. However, there are a tiny number of YouTube to MP3 and YouTube download websites that are truly malicious, and that’s a fact.

If you’re here looking for some safe converter websites, we have an article on the Top 7 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters. All of the websites and methods we showcase are perfectly safe to use.

Staying cautious of malicious converters

While there are all of those reliable and easy to use sites, there are some pretty bad ones too.

This can sometimes mean that site owners and developers might take large sums of money to implement bloatware, spyware, and other types of viruses to tamper with your computer’s data. Luckily, the sites that do this are few and far between, and we don’t expect you’ll have to deal with any unless you dive into the forbidden 3rd or 4th pages of Google search.

However, not many of these sites will harm you or your computer, but they can force you to download bloatware that can slow down your computer. This can include unwanted “virus protection,” browser extensions, and other random software that serves no purpose to you but can slow down your devices nonetheless.

Sites like these can and will include fake “Download” or “Download Now” buttons that redirect you to ads, other websites, or malicious download links.

The websites with the spammiest ads and popups are going to be the most virus-prone converters. The fake links that come with these bad-apple sites can force-install fake software made to pose as useful programs referred to as Trojan Horses. You do not want to come in contact with one of these since they’ll most likely attempt to steal information from you.

If you’re delving into odd sites, you should watch out for these warning signs, and you can apply this information to most offhand websites. However, they won’t be that common on simple YouTube download sites, so don’t stress too hard about it.

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