Tuft & Needle Mattress Review: What You Need to Know

Shopping and comparing mattresses online can be confusing and time-consuming.

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When it comes to mattress shopping, you want to choose the right bed for you. And while not as expensive as a car, your mattress is still a long-term and costly investment. And like your car, you use your bed every day, and the right mattress impacts your day to day life. From your work productivity and mood to posture and response time, a good night’s sleep matters. So, when it comes to our Tuft and Needle bed review, we wanted to be as thorough as possible.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

See why 95% of customers keep their Tuft & Needle Mattress. Free shipping + 100-night no-risk trial.

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If you’re looking for a quick answer to “is a Tuft and Needle Original mattress a good investment,” the answer is a resounding “yes.” Based on the quality of the mattress, the comfort, and the price, a Tuft and Needle bed is an excellent choice, and this in-depth Tuft and Needle review will explain why.

Looking for a Tuft and Needle review that digs deep? Read on.

Our Comprehensive Tuft and Needle Review Explains

  • Why We Recommend the Tuft and Needle: Great Sleep, Value for Money, & More
    • What Makes the Tuft and Needle Original a Great Bed?
      • The Details
      • The Materials
      • Value
      • Commitment
      • Doing Right
      • Longevity
      • Customer Service
    • How Much Will a Tuft and Needle Original Cost You?
    • Often Overlooked Details in Tuft and Needle Reviews: What Else Do You Need to Know?
    • How Does the Tuft and Needle Original Perform During Sex?
    • Cons of the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress
    • The Company Behind the Tuft and Needle Mattress
    • Who Will Get the Most Comfort and Value from a Tuft and Needle Mattress?
    • How Tuft and Needle Original Stacks Up Against Other Beds?
      • How to Decide Between the Original or Mint?
      • Our Tuft and Needle Vs. Casper Essential Review
      • Our Tuft and Needle Vs. Purple Essential Review
    • Tuft and Needle Reviews on Reddit
    • Our Conclusion to a Comprehensive Review

But that’s not all. We know it’s not an easy task to compare mattresses, especially when shopping online, so we came up with a buying guide to help you navigate mattress descriptions to make the best decision for your sleep needs.

Why We Recommend the Tuft and Needle: Great Sleep, Value for Money, & More

When a bed arrives on your doorstep, packed tightly in a box, and needs a day to expand, how good can it really be? Tuft and Needle answers this question with “pretty darn good!” While not perfect for every single sleeper and with some minor setbacks, this bed-in-a-box tops our charts for value, comfort, and quality.

What Makes the Tuft and Needle Original a Great Bed?

This bed was designed to please as many people as possible. Tuft and Needle took into account feedback from customers and fine-tuned their product to respond to their needs. And the result is a bed that’s made to please most people. This makes a Tuft and Needle mattress a smart and safe choice when ordering a bed online.

Let’s Dive into the Details

A Tuft and Needle Original mattress is designed with two layers of foam. The top layer of soft, airy, and adaptive (and patented) foam allows the sleeper to sink just enough to cradle their weight and eliminate pressure points. While the other, firmer layer beneath, offers extra support while you roll and adjust throughout the night.

This mattress achieves a high-to-medium firmness through its three-inch top layer of T&N Adaptive® Foam and seven inches of a higher density poly foam beneath.

This 2-layer design was tailored to accommodate most sleepers’ bodies and sleeping styles. Tuft and Needle used customer feedback from hundreds of their clients to adjust and adapt their mattress to suit their customers’ needs better. Like all beds, this led to a ‘one-size-fits-most’ design. Users under 130 pounds may find a softer mattress provides more restful sleep while people over 230 pounds may find a firm mattress is more supportive and offers better pressure point relief.

The key to the Tuft and Needle difference is in its unique, patented materials and brilliantly balanced layers. T&N Adaptive® Foam outperforms traditional and other varieties of memory foam. What makes it better? Its ability to transfer heat away from you and the balance of a soft yet supportive nature.

The T&N Adaptive® Foam adapts to movement quickly but doesn’t transfer the disruption or jostle your partner. And it doesn’t have the squeak and squeals that a spring mattress can develop.

Value for Money

Consumer Reports suggest you spend about $1000 for a quality mattress, but do you need to invest that much cash? The Tuft and Needle Original suggests otherwise. And we completely agree. And let’s be clear, price matters which is a major reason this bed scores so well in this Tuft and Needle mattress review.

The price tag on a Tuft and Needle bed is uniquely low, making some consumers a bit suspicious of its quality. This bed is about $400 less than beds of similar style and quality. So, does the power price suggest shortcuts or subpar quality? To put it simply, no.

The Tuft and Needle Original offers unprecedented value for money. Why? The founders of Tuft and Needle wanted more people to afford a quality mattress. They were fed up with overpriced mattresses that were outdated and uncomfortable. And the intimidating and stressful nature of mattress stores rubbed them the wrong way, which inspired them to strive for (in their words) “an honest cost” without any manipulation during the buying process.

So, Tuft and Needle know their beds are less costly than most, and they take pride in being able to provide great sleep for more people through the value they offer.

Which means, this mattress offers excellent sleep for the majority of people without busting the budget.

What Materials Go into a Tuft and Needle Mattress?

Tuft and Needle created a foam unlike any other. Tuft and Needle went through trial and error and received extensive sleeper feedback before creating T&N Adaptive® foam. This foam features an open-cell structure which adapts to your weight, shape, and movement.

How does it work? When you press on an area, the air escapes from the point of pressure. This results in the foam compressing and adapting to support your weight. Open-cell foam also improves breathability because heat travels easier through it.

Tuft & Needle Mattresses are infused with cooling ceramic gel and graphite. Gel particles and graphite work because they are phase change materials; this simply means they absorb energy from their surrounding materials for temperature control and stabilization. This prevents overheating and that sweaty cocoon effect of other memory foam mattresses.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

See why 95% of customers keep their Tuft & Needle Mattress. Free shipping + 100-night no-risk trial.

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The T&N’s attractive quilted cover is made of soft and breathable polyester. Its construction is durable and won’t stretch out or lose its shape.

…And More: What Other Details Make a Difference?

No Need for a Box Spring and Choose any Frame That Fits Your Style

While the price for a Tuft and Needle bed is fair, there is additional value in the fact that you don’t need a box spring. And the Tuft and Needle will work with most memory foam bed frames on the market.

Commitment-Phobia? Take Your Time to Decide

Tuft and Needle also gives you over three months to decide if their bed is best. That’s 100 nights of rest to figure out if this bed is best for you.

Is a 100-day sleep trial long enough to make up your mind? Yes. This bed will settle within a week, and it takes most people about a month to make up their mind about whether or not they’re sleeping soundly on their bed.

Making a Difference and Doing Right

Because we have hearts and appreciate when businesses give back, we consider charitable aspects when evaluating added value. Does Tuft and Needle make a difference beyond their beds? Tuft and Needle gives to those in need. Money from purchases goes to schools, community clean-up initiatives, providing housing and food for the homeless, and other worthy causes.

They donate time, too. Tuft and Needle employees actively volunteer. Which we like because it shows they’re hands-on in their community.

As for those returned mattresses, they end up at charities. So far, they’ve donated over $9 million worth of beds to community programs throughout the U.S.

Longevity and Warranty

Most foam mattresses have a life expectancy of between seven and fifteen years. And that’s true, give or take, of a Tuft and Needle bed as many long-term users have reported. But this mattress does come with a ten-year warranty, though. If it begins to sag or takes on a permanent dip of over ¾ of an inch where you lay, you can contact them for help.

Their warranty also covers cracks, tears, and breakdown of the foam as well as split stitches and broken zippers in the cover.

We suggest that you rotate or turn your mattress a couple of times per year to prevent perma-dents and increase the lifespan of the bed. Sticking to Daylight Savings changes, and July 4th as your rotation days should do the trick.

Customer Service

Tuft and Needle cares about their customers. We looked into how Tuft and Needle responded to issues and questions from customers, and time after time, they exceeded customer expectations. If a mattress wasn’t perfect, they had a new one shipped ASAP. They also honor their warranty without making customers jump through too many hoops. They do require photos of dips, tears, and pulled stitches, but that’s not asking too much.

How Much Will a Tuft and Needle Original Cost You?

Tuft and Needle mattresses are affordable. And they come with free shipping to the continental U.S. If you’re in New York City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, or San Francisco and don’t want to wait to receive your new mattress, they offer delivery the same day you order for $50.

Twin XL$395
Queen (most common)$595
California King$750

Often Overlooked Details in Tuft and Needle Reviews: What Else Do You Need to Know?

No Need for Deep Pocket Sheets

This mattress fits standard sheets. I hate having to pull the fitted sheet back down over the corners a few times per week. The 10-inch depth of this mattress holds sheets snug without the need to clip them in place. No need for deep-pocket sheets or sheet suspenders.

Cozy Up to Your Partner: A Tuft and Needle Review of How This Mattress Performs During Sex?

Next, when it comes to bedtime, some couples want to know how a bed will perform during their most intimate moments. Yeah, we’re talking about sex. And we have answers for you. The Tuft and Needle Original mattress delivers as well as many would hope.

When it comes to tantric possibilities on a Tuft and Needle, users want to know:

Do you sink too deep, making it hard to maneuver?

No. There is some sinkage, but users report that the experience is better than most memory foam beds.

How is the noise level?

This bed is silent: no squeaking, no squealing, no spring noise.

How about bounce?

If you’re a fan of bounce, memory foam may not be your first choice, the Tuft and Needle included.

How is the edge support?

This mattress offers moderate edge support. It’s better than many other foam mattresses but not as robust as an innerspring bed.

Cons of the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress

No mattress is perfect. At least, we have yet to find the Holy Grail of beds. And despite its many positives, there are some downsides to a Tuft and Needle.

On the Heavy Side?

As we said before, some heavyweight users don’t love this mattress. Why? Well, the top layer is three inches thick, which means if you weigh more than 230 pounds, you may sink too deep and feel the pressure of the denser layer beneath. This can create added stress on the hips, tummy, and back.

Are You a Featherweight?

Most people under 130 pounds prefer a soft mattress since you don’t sink as much. And this bed does lean more on the medium-to-firm side.

Returns Are No Fun

So, we love that Tuft and Needle gives back, but they kind of force you to as well if you want to return your mattress before the 100-day trial period. How do they accomplish this?

You call them up, they find a charity that will happily take your bed, then you have to call the charity to arrange pickup or drop-off. This can be difficult for busy people, people in remote areas, or those without a vehicle that can transport the donation.

Edge Support: Could Be Better

So, this term never comes up in normal conversation, but it’s not something you need to know unless your mattress doesn’t cut it. Edge support is how much the edge of your mattress buckles beneath your weight.

Why does edge support matter? Well, when you sit on the edge of your bed, you don’t want to slip off. And in the morning, when you swing your legs over, and your feet meet the ground, better edge support helps you lift off the side of the bed. You also don’t want to feel like you may slip off if you roll too close to the side.

So, how does the Tuft and Needle perform on its edges? The Original Tuft and Needle has moderately supportive edge support. It’s pretty good but could be a bit better.

If you have bad hips, knees, or a bad back, you may want a mattress that provides better edge support than this one.

The Company Behind the Tuft and Needle Mattress

In the era of informed consumers, it’s important to connect with a company in addition to the product. Tuft and Needle is no exception. So, who is behind this high-quality mattress?

Tuft and Needle was born out of a need to solve a problem: innerspring mattresses and the experience of buying one were outdated, uncomfortable, and anything but fun. The founding pair, JT Marino and Daehee Park, wanted to revolutionize the industry and the mattress. And they have!

They worked tirelessly, listening to what their customers wanted and needed from a bed. And in 2018, Tuft and Needle committed to partner with Serta to be able to grow and give more people a great night’s sleep.

They employ over 150 people dedicated to quality craftsmanship and volunteering to make the world a little better every day.

Who Will Get the Most Comfort and Value from a Tuft and Needle Mattress?


The adsorption of movement, the ‘please-them-all’ density, and the breathability makes this mattress enjoyable for couples. There’s no need for one person to compromise. And most couples say that the bed feels supportive to both sleepers and comfortable during sex.

Hot Sleepers

Most memory foam mattresses trap heat against your body. Not this one.

From menopause to balmy Louisiana nights, people that tend to heat up at night, sweat, and throw off their blankets will appreciate the temperature control of this mattress.

Eco-Conscious and Chemical-Wary Consumers

The Tuft and Needle Original boasts several certifications for those worried about harmful emissions and chemicals. These include GREENGUARD Gold certification for low chemical emissions, Intertek’s Clean Air Certification for indoor air quality compliance, and CertiPUR-US for indoor air quality and low organic compound volatility.

Average People

Again, this bed is a one-size-fits-most, which makes it great for the majority of people of average size, height, and sleep needs.

Tuft and Needle’s Performance Based on Sleep Positions

From back sleepers to tummy sleepers, the Tuft and Needle bed accommodates and adjusts well to most sleeping positions.

Tummy and Back Sleepers

Support level: Great

Both of these positions allow even weight distribution and require hip and spine alignment.

Side Sleepers

Support Level: Good

The Tuft and Needle Original tends to alleviate pressure points better for male side sleepers since they tend to have narrower hips. It does provide good support to female side sleepers as well.

Combo Sleepers and Rollers

Support Level: Great

For people that change positions often, this bed is ideal. It’s quick to respond, and movement does nor transfer, making it a great choice for singles that roll and couples.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

See why 95% of customers keep their Tuft & Needle Mattress. Free shipping + 100-night no-risk trial.

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Doesn't expire

How Tuft and Needle Original Stacks Up Against Other Beds?

Let the best bed battle begin! If you’re ready for your next bed, you’ve probably noticed the same names popping up again and again: Purple, Tuft and Needle Mint, and Casper.

How to Decide Between the Original or Mint?

Tuft and Needle Mint reviews show that it performs as well and, at times, better than the Original. We focused on the Original for this in-depth review, but we can shine some light on factors to help you decide between the two.

A Comparison Between the Tuft and Needle Original and Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress Review

The Price for a Tuft and Needle Mint Mattress

Twin XL$645$395
California King$1145$750

That’s $400 more for the Mint than the Original.

What Does the Price Difference Get You?

The Mint has one additional layer of T&N Adaptive® foam. This layer distributes weight more evenly and feels more tailor-made for your size and shape. This means it accommodates heavier people, side sleepers, and those that just want a comfier bed.

30% more graphite. The top layer of the Mint mattress has additional graphite, which transfers more heat away from your body than the Original. This makes it even better for humid and hot climates and people that heat up as they sleep.

Overall better quality. The Mint is perfect for people that want to spend more to receive a better bed. The Original is an excellent bed for the price, and so is the Mint. The Mint is simply better quality: a softer cover, more cushion, and better overall support. You can definitely feel a difference when you lie down.

Tuft and Needle Original or Mint At-A-Glance

You get what you pay for between these two.

If you’re under 230 pounds, the Original is a better bang for your buck if you’re on a budget.

If you’re over 230 pounds and price isn’t the priority, we would recommend the Tuft and Needle Mint mattress.

Our Tuft and Needle Vs. Casper Essential Review

The Casper Essential is the most comparable bed to the Tuft and Needle Original. Both offer 100 nights to decide, both have a 10-year warranty, both are delivered to your door, and both offer great value for the price. So, which is a better choice for you?

Casper EssentialTuft and Needle Original
Value for PriceX
FirmnessLess firmMore firm
FoamMemory foamProprietary T&N Adaptive® foam
Temperature ControlBetter
Overall SupportX
Edge SupportX
Eco-Friendly PracticesXX
Overall User RatingX
Motion IsolationXX
CoverZips offNon-Removable
100-Night Sleep TrialXX
Side SleepingX
Back or BellyX
Combo SleeperX
ReturnsFree and easierFree after donation to a local charity with receipt

How the Prices Compare: Tuft and Needle Original Vs. Casper Essential

Casper EssentialTuft and Needle Original
Twin XL$445$395
California King$795$750

Our Purple Essential Vs.Tuft and Needle Review

Purple® is another popular bed-in-a-box brand. Like Tuft and Needle, they make excellent mattresses, and their materials and construction are proprietary and innovative. The top layer of a Purple® is made from Purple Grid, which is a unique, patented elastic polymer: it feels more gel-like than memory foam (think “Are you gellin’?).

Original® Purple MattressTuft and Needle Original
Firmness and FeelMore firm and bouncySofter
FoamPurple® Grid andProprietary T&N Adaptive® foam
Temperature ControlBetter
Overall SupportX
Edge SupportX
Eco-Friendly PracticesXX
Overall User RatingX
Motion IsolationX
100-Night Sleep TrialXX
Side SleepingX
Back or BellyX
Combo SleeperX
ReturnsFreeFree after donation to a local charity with receipt
Setup OptionX

How the Prices Compare: Tuft and Needle Original Vs. Purple

Purple OriginalTuft and Needle Original
Twin XL$749$395
California King$1399$750
Split King$1498Not Available

We’re Not the Only Ones with Positive Tuft and Needle Mattress Reviews

Tuft and Needle Reviews on Reddit

Reddit can be a reliable source for honest opinions without being bombarded with links and sales tactics. So, what do Redditors want others to know about Tuft and Needle?

Redditors Report:

  • Tuft and Needle offers great customer support. They follow through on their warranty and replace mattresses that fit the bill.
  • Tuft and Needle is pretty good when it comes to sex. Users report that it is firm enough that you don’t sink too deep while being soft enough that you don’t feel springs poking you.
  • The off-gassing smell fades quickly, with no smell at all after about a week.
  • It performs better than mattresses that cost twice as much.
  • Some users say that they experienced some indentations and sagging.
  • Many users had theirs going on 6+ years

Beyond This Tuft and Needle Review: Other Considerations

We recommend purchasing the additional mattress cover since the outer layer of the Tuft and Needle mattress is not designed to be removed. This extends the life of the bed and keeps it looks brand new for years.

A Quick Tuft and Needle Review of Bedding Options

Tuft and Needle Pillow Review

This pillow cost between $85 and $100, depending on sales. Is it worth it?

Pros: Most people agree that it is extremely soft, comfortable, breathable, and durable.

Cons: Could be taller and fuller. It’s about 5 inches high.

Tuft and Needle Sheets Review

In our research and exploration to create this Tuft and Needle review, we found that their sheets are not a common buy for most consumers. Their sheets and pillowcases come in jersey,  linen, and percale.

Pros: all Tuft and Needle Sheets are soft, durable, and attractive. They are all 16-inches deep and come with a 1-or 2-year warranty.

Cons: there is a lot of competition with better prices

Tuft and Needle Duvet and Duvet Cover Review

Pros: Durable, soft, comfortable, attractive

Cons: The cover doesn’t fit snugly on the duvet

A Quick and Easy Mattress Buying Guide

Mattresses have come a long way from leaves and grass, sawdust, horsehair, hay, and feathers. But at times, it can feel like you’re still sorting through materials without a clear way of comparing how well you would rest on them. If you’re still not sure what mattress is right for you after reading this Tuft and Needle review, you will want to check out this guide.

To help you sort through the mattress jargon to find your perfect bed, here is our quick and easy guide to understanding mattress descriptions:

Understanding Mattress Materials and Styles to Get More from This Tuft and Needle Review and Others

Innerspring or Spring: As the name suggests, this classic mattress uses steel coils, fluff or stuffing, and fabric for sleeping support. Often described as “springy” in feel and noisy. This is the most common type of mattress, likely the kind of bed you slept on and jumped on as a kid. If you show up at a mattress show, they’ll likely try to sell you on a bed with more coils than you can count, but experts suggest you only need about 400 coils, and you won’t feel a difference once the coil count surpasses 390.

Best for: Heavyweights and Firm-Mattress Lovers

Foam or Memory Foam: Foam mattresses are made with latex or polyurethane. Some foam mattresses are multi-layered while others are one single layer. They are most often described as “soft” and “spongey.” Foam mattresses come in a variety of densities, that affect comfort, support, and temperature.

Best for: A wide variety of sleepers of average size

Gel-Foam or Cooling Gel: Often used for ventilation and temperature, gel-foam is the material of choice for mattress toppers. It is made from the same materials as foam mattresses but with Visco (a type of gel) and with more air pockets, making it less dense to improve airflow, transporting heat away from the body.

Best for: People who run hot or live in hot and humid climates

Latex: Latex mattresses are composed of rubber, either synthetic or natural. These beds often take top ranks as the most firm and bouncy.

Best for: People that can’t get enough firmness

Thanks for Reading Our In-Depth Tuft and Needle Review. Rest Well and Sleep Soundly!

Good luck with your pursuit of the perfect mattress. We hope our comprehensive Tuft and Needle Review has helped make your decision a little easier. If you’re considering the Tuft and Needle Original, you’re making a wise decision. Keep an eye out for Tuft and Needle coupons and promo codes to make a great deal even better. They pop up from time to time on Groupon and other websites.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

See why 95% of customers keep their Tuft & Needle Mattress. Free shipping + 100-night no-risk trial.

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