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Small business owners, parents with teens, and seniors are falling in love with TracFone’s true “pay-as-you-go” no-contract cell phone service. It is one of the leading prepaid, no-contract carriers available at Walmart.

Formerly, TracFone serviced flip phones for simple calls and texts. Now Tracfone has expanded its service to include LTE data plans for smartphones.

One of the leading MVNO, prepaid wireless carriers, TracFone works off Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and US Cellular networks. They boast the best nationwide call coverage of all other MVNO carriers.

Tracfone is not for those that need a lot of data. At best, TracFone will help you affordably purchase 1-3 GB of LTE per pay period (30, 60, 90, or 365 days).

But if what you need is a clear call signal with the added benefit of sending texts, then Tracfone should be at the top of your list.

A quick overview of TracFone plans

Customers can put down a lump sum of money for a 30, 60, 90, or 365-day plan that includes a set amount of call minutes, texts, and LTE data. TracFone plans allow you to roll over any unused minutes, text, and data into the next pay period. That means that you can stock up and splurge as you please.

With TracFone, there is a catch. Pay periods are rigid, and once your pay period ends, so does your service. Understanding this is imperative before you purchase TracFone coverage at Walmart.

That said, if you do not use all your minutes, texts, or data, you will need to re-up your plan. To ease this headache, TracFone gives you the option to set up auto-refill at the end of each pay period. Not only will this ensure that your service stays live, but you will also save a few bucks each pay period.

Basic TracFone plan

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Source: TracFone

TracFone’s Basic Plans are basically for flip phones. These plans start at $9.99 for 30 days and 30 minutes.

If you need more minutes, you will need to bump to a 90-day plan or a 365-day plan.

90-day plans range from $19.99 for 60 minutes to $79.99 for 450 minutes. 365-day plans have two options: 1,000 minutes for $159.99 or 1,500 minutes for $199.99.

TracFone Classic Plan

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TracFone’s Classic Plans start at $15 for 30 days and 500/500/500 (minutes/texts/MBs of data). These plans will work for both flip phones and smartphones.

You have two 60-day plans to choose from, either $25 for 500/1000/500 or $35 for 750/1,000/1 GB.

For 90-day plans, you can select either $45 for 750/1,000/1.5 GB or $50 for 750/1,500/2 GB. Lastly, you can purchase the 365-day plan for $125 for 1,500/1,500/1.5 GB.

TracFone Smartphone Plan

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TracFone recommends a Smartphone Plan for customers with smartphones. These plans start at $20 for 30 days, unlimited talk/text, and 1 GB of data.

There are no 60, 90, or 365-day plans. You can choose $25 for 2 GB of LTE or $30 for 3 GB of LTE.

Tracfone add-ons

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If you’re running low on minutes, texts, or data within your pay period, you can choose from one of four add-ons. Unlike the plans described above, you are not restricted to a pay period for minutes, texts, or data purchased with an add-on.

Add-ons are great to hold you over until the next pay period or to keep your Tracfone service live until you are ready to refill your account.

Purchase options at Walmart

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Source: Walmart

One of the most popular places to purchase a TracFone phone or plan is from Walmart. Walmart will have everything you need to switch your service to TracFone within just a few minutes of your purchase.

TracFone phones

If you need a new phone, Walmart has several TracFone phones from which to choose. It has flip phones and smartphones already programmed for TracFone. All you’ll need to do is purchase a plan.

SIM kits

If you’re interested in transferring your phone to TracFone, you should first visit the TracFone website to verify that your phone is compatible with TracFone service.

Once you’ve confirmed that your phone is compatible, you can purchase a SIM kit from Walmart and replace your phone’s SIM card.

Air time cards

When you’re ready to purchase a TracFone plan, you can peruse Walmart’s selection of air time cards. Walmart activates the air time card at the moment of purchase. You will follow the directions on the card to input the plan’s code into your phone, and your service is live.

If you prefer not to set up a TracFone auto-refill plan, you can visit your local Walmart anytime to purchase a new card or service add-on.

Top TracFone smartphones at Walmart

TracFone smartphone selection varies by each Walmart location. Your best bet is to download the Walmart shopper app or go online to to make sure that your location has the smartphone you want.

Here are the top 5 Tracfone Smartphones available for purchase at Walmart:

  1. Refurbished TracFone Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro for less than $50
  2. TracFone iPhone 6s Plus starting at $200
  3. TracFone Wireless LG Rebel 4 for less than $50
  4. TracFone Motorola E5 Prepaid Smartphone starting at $79
  5. TracFone Samsung Galaxy A10e Smartphone starting at $156.75

For higher-priced phones, Walmart partners with Affirm to finance your smartphone on a monthly payment plan.

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Final thoughts

Even though you can find TracFone online at and Amazon, as well as in stores like Target and Best Buy, no one quite has the selection of TracFone phones and plans quite like Walmart. We hope that you found this guide helpful as you consider which phone and plan works best for you.

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