The Best LG Stylo 4 Case for Work and Play: Our 6 Picks

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The Best LG Stylo 4 Case for Work and Play_ Our 6 Picks

Many of us are in love with the LG Stylo 4. We like the phone so much that we would like to keep it safe. That’s why we’d like to find the best LG Stylo 4 case that fits our lifestyles.

Durable, functional, and much cheaper than the latest iPhone, Galaxy, or LG G/V smartphones, the Stylo is growing in popularity – particularly in the no-contract, prepaid carrier market. But no phone is indestructible.

Our experts at Trickut have examined the structural strengths and weaknesses of the Stylo 4 and studied customer reviews for LG cases from several leading vendors. Here are our top six picks below for the Stylo 4.

Best everyday case: LG Stylo 4 Otterbox Commuter case

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Price: $15-30

In general, you can’t go wrong with an Otterbox case. We are thrilled to see that the ever-popular Commuter Series is compatible with the Stylo 4.

The Commuter is two layers of encasing: a silicon layer around the phone and a plastic shell around the outside. While most Otterbox models are clunky, the Commuter is slim and fits easily in your pocket.

It is challenging to break your phone with an Otterbox. The only downside is that this model does not come with a screen protector.

Best rugged case: COVRWARE LG Stylo 4 case, Aegis Series with built-in screen protector

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Price: $10-20

Built from TPU and polycarbonate, this case is great for contractors, emergency response, and military personnel. The Aegis Series includes a screen protector and does an excellent all-around job of protecting your LG from drop damage.

The case comes in eight different colors, along with a rotating belt clip.

Best clear case: SKTGSLAMY LG Stylo 4 case

Source: Amazon

Price: $5-10

If you like the look of your phone as is, you’ll love this transparent model from SKTGSLAMY. The case fits as a one-piece, protecting the back, corners, and edges with flexible TPU material. 

While the raised edges will protect your screen to a degree, we recommend that you supplement this case with a screen protector sold separately.

Best wallet case: Arae LG Stylo 4 case

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Price: $10

If you hate having to grab your wallet and phone separately, why not choose a case that acts as both? 

This LG Stylo 4 case by Arae is an excellent all-in-one buy. The outside is PU leather, and the inside is TPU. Because the case is built specifically for the Stylo 4, you can access your buttons, cameras, and charge port without ever having to remove your phone from its case.

Best cardholder case: Vofolen case for LG Stylo 4

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Price: $10-15

If you a phone case and wallet combo, but you don’t want all the bulk, we recommend that Vofolen case. 

The compartment on the back holds up to four cards. In the back, the door is spring-loaded so that you can easily open it with the push of a finger. 

There are six different colors to choose from, and this model will protect your phone from routine drops. 

Best stylish case: BENTOBEN LG Stylo 4 phone case

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Price: $5-15

Our glamour pick for the Stylo 4 is the BENTOBEN. You can choose from several different designs, all of which offer exact LG Stylo 4 cutouts for access to buttons and charge port.

The corners and edges are made of TPU material for shock absorption in the event of a drop. It is the perfect mix of style and protection for your phone.

Selecting the best LG Stylo 4 case for you

Except for certain Otterbox Commuter colors, each of our top picks for the best LG Stylo 4 case sells for less than $20.

Finding a case that fits your lifestyle is essential to protect your LG from an early, tragic death. We hope that our quick guide helps you in your search for the perfect phone case that will not only protect your phone but also match your aesthetic tastes.

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