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Keep Your Phone Number with Mint Mobile

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Deciding to switch to Mint Mobile’s $15/month wireless service is easy. On the other hand, thinking about how to “Mint Mobile transfer number” and “Mint Mobile port number” is not.

Fortunately, Mint arms it’s subscribers with a ton of helpful tools, from step-by-step activation guides to detailed instructional videos. Today, I’ve created easy-to-follow instructions that helped me painlessly and quickly set up my Mint Mobile service.

Why do you need to port your number?

Mint Mobile number porting, or transferring, your phone number will allow you to keep your existing number when you subscribe to Mint Mobile. The Mint Mobile port number process is simple, and there are no fees associated with bringing your number to Mint.

How long does it take to port your number?

Mint says that its Mint Mobile transfer number process can take up to 48 hours to complete, however, this wasn’t my personal experience.

In my Mint Mobile review, my number transferred by the time I finished my Mint Mobile activation. My total Mint Mobile activation time took about 20 minutes from start to finish.

The nice thing about Mint Mobile is that they send you a confirmation email and text message once the transfer is successful.

Before you start

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  • Have you purchased a Mint Mobile plan?
  • Do you have a GSM-compatible device?
  • Has your Mint Mobile SIM card arrived in the mail?

Before you transfer your number to Mint, you’ll first need to buy a Mint Mobile plan online and wait for your SIM card to arrive. Mint Mobile plans start as low as $15 a month.

The nice thing about Mint is the Mint Mobile bring your own phone program. Keep in mind that Mint Mobile runs off of T-Mobile’s network, so you’ll need an unlocked GSM phone for it to work – like an Apple iPhone XS Max or Google Pixel 3a.

If you have a device that you’d like to use, you can check your phone’s compatibility here. However, if you need a device, you can browse Mint Mobile phones on the Mint Mobile site.

Things you’ll need

To transfer – or port – your phone number to the Mint Mobile network during the activation of your account, you will need to authorize the release of your phone number. Here’s what you’ll need from your carrier:

  • Account number. You can find this on your last billing statement or by contacting customer service.
  • Account password. The PIN or passcode used on the account.
  • Billing zip code. Use the zip code that appears on your bill.

IMPORTANT: If you want to keep your existing phone number, don’t cancel your service with your previous carrier before you start the porting process. If you do it will be nearly impossible to recover.

How to port number to Mint Mobile (and activate) in 5 easy steps

Once you receive your Mint Mobile SIM card in the mail, you’re ready to start your Mint activation. But you don’t want to start this process until you are 100% prepared to activate Mint. This is because the activation process will cancel your existing service and begin the Mint Mobile network immediately.

Here’s how to activate Mint Mobile and transfer your number:

  1. Install your Mint Mobile SIM card.
  2. Visit or download Mint’s app.
  3. Start Mint Mobile activation.
  4. Change your APN settings.
  5. Wait for a text confirmation.

Ready? You can do this, I promise. Let’s go!

1.   Install your Mint Mobile SIM card.

All Mint Mobile plans come with a 3-in-1 SIM card to fit your device’s make and model. Punch the size that fits in your phone – mini, micro, or nano size.

Then, use the handy SIM ejector tool that came with your kit to pop out the SIM tray. Remove your old SIM card and replace it with your Mint Mobile SIM.

You’ll need the activation code on the back of your SIM “credit card” (where you punched out the SIM), so don’t throw this away!

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2.   Visit or download Mint’s app.

Now that you have installed your SIM card, you’re ready to activate Mint Mobile!

If you have Your Cleverness Kit (you purchased a full Mint Mobile plan), you can either download the Mint Mobile app (available on iOS and Android) or you can enter on your browser.

If you have a Mint Mobile Starter Kit or Share the Love Kit (7-day Mint Mobile trial), you’ll want to download the Mint Mobile app and follow the same instructions. As a bonus, Mint will also tell you if your device is compatible and if you have coverage in your area.

3.   Start Mint Mobile activation.

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Select start or resume Mint activation in the middle of the page (or on the app) and enter the 11-digit activation code you located on the back of your SIM card (top right corner).

Next, enter the information you gathered earlier from your previous carrier: account number, password or PIN, and ZIP code. After providing this information, my Mint Mobile number transfer completed for me in a few minutes.

4.   Change your APN settings.

To wrap up your Mint activation, you may need to update your APN/carrier settings to make sure your device is fully functioning. Here are the instructions for iPhone and Android devices.

Once you’ve done that you’ll restart your device, and everything should run smoothly again. I have an iPhone XS Max and my settings updated automatically, so it took me less than 5 minutes to make sure everything was fully functioning.

5.   Wait for a text confirmation.

That’s it! When your Mint Mobile transfer number steps are complete, Mint will send you a welcome text and email confirming your phone number. In most cases, the Mint Mobile port number process will cancel your old service automatically.

Once you receive this text, your device should be fully activated, and your number transferred to the Mint Mobile network. Make sure that all of your text, talk, and data are running smoothly over the next few days. Mint includes a 7-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans

After that, all you have left to do is enjoy your new service with the Mint Mobile network!

Can I change numbers with Mint Mobile?

Porting your number isn’t required with Mint Mobile. If you have a Your Cleverness Package (you purchased a full Mint Mobile plan), you can request a Mint Mobile new number during activation.

Mint will prompt you to enter your ZIP code, and a new number will be auto-generated for you based on that location and availability in your area code.

If you have a Mint Mobile Starter Kit or Share the Love kit and would like to keep the Mint Mobile number given to you, keep your trial SIM rather than replace it with a new one.

Mint Mobile change number after activation

Mint doesn’t offer an option in the Mint Mobile account to change your number after the Mint SIM card is activated. However, the Mint Mobile customer service team suggests submitting an email request if you would like to change your number post-activation.

Mint Mobile help

Mint Mobile help
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If you run into any issues during the “Mint Mobile transfer number” or “Mint Mobile port number” process, Mint Mobile customer service is extremely helpful.

Mint has not only tripled its customer service team over the past year, but they have reinvested their money and time in developing extensive self-help tools.

We’ve linked to several pages above, and if you have additional questions you can check out Mint Mobile’s:

  • Step-by-step instructional videos
  • Library of FAQs
  • Online moderated community
  • Mint Mobile Reddit thread r/mintmobile

If you need to talk to a member of Mint Mobile’s customer service team, you can call Mint Mobile directly. The Mint Mobile customer service phone number is 800-683-7392. Mint Mobile customer service hours are between 5 am to 9 pm pacific time.

Or, if you don’t want to pick the phone, simply reach out to Mint Mobile’s chat on the website or email

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