How to Use Payoneer Support

Payoneer Does Great Customer Support for Omnichannel Customers; for Callers, Saturdays Might Be a Problem

Trickut - How to Use Payoneer Support

Millions of businesses and freelancers worldwide are making the switch to Payoneer for streamlined currency exchange and billing. The transition can create problems and questions. Thankfully, Payoneer Support is well-equipped to handle your issues.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to utilize the different Payoneer customer support tools. If you are considering Payoneer for your e-commerce, freelance, or global contracting business, we invite you to take a look at our full Payoneer Review here.

As one would hope (for an online exchange service), Payoneer support is exhaustive and includes email, live chat, a customer service phone number, online forums, and FAQs.

Payoneer Support Center
Source: Payoneer

Payoneer Customer Service Phone Number and Hours

If you need to speak with a live representative on the phone, the customer service number for the United States is 1-800-251-2521.

Unfortunately, Payoneer phone support is almost 24/7, but not quite. Its business hours are 8 PM Sunday thru 8 PM Friday.

If you have an issue on a Saturday, you can still access online forums and FAQs. There is a separate number to report your lost or stolen Payoneer credit/debit card 24 hours/day, 7 days/week (1-646-386­-2434).

Using Payoneer Support for Your Online Account

Payoneer support encourages new customers to browse by topic any questions during the account setup. As shown below (a screenshot from the Payoneer Home Support Page), account setup handholding is available for nearly any subject imaginable.

Payoneer Support Center search by topic
Source: Payoneer

New Payoneer customers must first apply. If you completed an application and want to follow-up, you can sign-in to your Payoneer account.

Before contacting a customer service representative about your application, consider browsing the list of topics discussed under Registration.]

Payoneer Support Center. registration
Source: Payoneer

Payoneer Live Chat Support

Just like customer service over the phone, Payoneer live chat is not fully 24/7. Live chat hours begin on Monday at 1 AM and extend through Friday at 6 PM.

Using Payoneer Support for Your Payoneer Credit or Debit Card

Like most cardholders, we want to know that we can contact customer support at any time if we have issues.

For basic questions, all card issues can be addressed by calling the main customer service phone number (1-800-251-2521) or by using one of the other Payoneer support features listed above.

That said, if your card is stolen or lost, you will want to contact 1-646-386­-2434 right away. This number is open 24/7 and reserved solely for Payoneer card emergencies.

Invoicing and Transferring Funds Through Payoneer

When you invoice a customer for the first time through Payoneer, you may want to consult published information under “Request a Payment.”

You can type the phrase in the search bar or click the search topic “Receive Payments.” See our screenshots below.

Payoneer Support Center - Request Payment
Source: Payoneer

Questions about sending a payment or transferring funds can be found under the topic “Send Payments/Withdraw to Bank.”

For more specific payment or transfer questions, we recommend the search bar or live chat.

Payoneer Support Center - search by topic
Source: Payoneer

Adding Your Bank

It is much more convenient to be able to link your bank account to your Payoneer account for payments and deposits.

That’s why Payoneer has an entire page dedicated to managing bank accounts from your Payoneer account here.

In Conclusion

If you do business around the world, Payoneer offers many advantages to alternative services like PayPal and Venmo. The Payoneer system can better handle currency exchange rates, more robust invoicing, and greater security demands.

Those new to or considering a switch to Payoneer need to know that they can get the help they need. We are happy to confirm that Payoneer support is more than able to help you get acquainted with your new account, as well as empower your business to make the most of its account.

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