How to Show Battery Percentage on Iphone XR, Xs, Xs Max, and X? Quick Fix!

How Can I Show Battery Percentage on My iPhone?

How Do I Show Battery Percentage On iPhone X, XS, XS Max

If you’ve upgraded to an iPhone X or higher, you can no longer enable your battery percentage display within your iPhone Settings. Does that mean that Apple did away with this feature?

Not at all.

In the latest iPhone models, the battery percentage is always available in your Control Center.

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Not sure how to get to your Control Center? It’s simple: position your finger at the top right of your screen and swipe down. Your battery percentage occupies the top of your Control Center screen.

Show Battery Percentage on My iPhone
Source: 9to5 Mac

Which Apple Devices Moved Battery Percentage Display to the Control Center?

So far, the iPhone X is the main Apple device to experience this change. Basically all iPhones after the iPhone 8 model have moved the battery percentage feature to your control panel.

Current iPad models still allow users to permanently display their battery percentage by visiting Settings, Battery, and then enabling Battery Percentage.

Why Did Apple Change How the iPhone Shows Battery Percentage?

The top portion of your iPhone is called the “notch.” The latest iPhone models have extended the screen to nearly the entire length of the phone.

Your front-facing cameras used to occupy the notch by itself. But since the screen now shares space with your camera, there is less room on the notch to display everything we once held dear on previous iPhone models.

Show Battery Percentage on My iPhone
Source: Business Insider

So Apple engineers decided that the battery percentage display had to go. Thankfully, checking your percentage is as easy as a finger swipe, and you can still see the battery life bar 24/7 (just minus the percentage).

Adding Battery Percentage to Your Lock Screen

Many iPhone users are also opting to add the battery percentage display to the lock screen. Models iPhone X and later still allow this.

To add battery percentage to the lock screen, first navigate to your home screen and then swipe to the right. Locate the edit button and then select Add Widgets. Choose Batteries from the More Widgets menu. And that’s it!

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