How to Effectively Find Legit Fiverr SEO Sellers

Navigating the Minefield of SEO “Experts” on Fiverr, One of the Most Popular Freelance Sites in North America

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As a content marketer and SEO specialist, I can tell you that most Fiverr SEO services are terrible.

When it comes to SEO services, if an offer sounds too good (and cheap) to be true, it most definitely is.

But I disagree with the notion that Fiverr is utterly worthless in building your website’s SEO. If you’re willing to work hard yourself and shop for the right services, you may find value for an outstandingly low cost.

What is Fiverr?

In the day and age of this Gig Economy, freelancing is turning into a lucrative profession for niche industry experts. As such, freelance sites are more in demand than they’ve ever been.

Fiverr launched ten years ago to offer low-cost freelance services to consumers and businesses. Service categories include programming, graphic design, music services, video services, translation, digital marketing, and more.

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Source: Fiverr

At times, it can be difficult to surmise whether Fiverr’s freelance listings are much of a step up from Craigslist.

However, Fiverr does offer the benefits of customer reviews and one of four seller levels – New Seller, Level One Seller, Level Two Seller, and Top-Rated Seller. For a more in-depth look at becoming an expert buyer on Fiverr, you can download their free shopper’s guide here.

Fiverr pros

  • Largest database of low-cost freelancers
  • Accessible search and filter tools
  • Seller badges make it easy to choose the experience level you desire

Fiverr cons

  • Can be challenging to screen freelancers
  • Not the best freelance site for higher-ticket services

Are Fiverr gigs good to use for SEO and link-building?

Fiverr can be an adequate resource for SEO and link-building, as long as you can identify scammers.

If you understand the difference between white and black hat SEO, then you should be able to distinguish between the good and bad seller listings. We will discuss this further in a bit.

For those that do a lot of SEO and link-building work themselves, they are usually able to find a couple of great freelancers on Fiverr to fill the gaps in their SEO efforts.

But if you’re someone to whom a web developer said, “You need to boost your SEO,” and you barely understand what that means, then Fiverr may be a dangerous place for you to shop for SEO gigs.

Should this apply to you, we’ve built this quick guide to help you understand how to find those Fiverr SEO service offerings that are legitimate.

What is the Difference Between Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

There are good and bad ways to increase your website’s search engine optimization.

Black hat SEO is shady and may only work for the short term. It utilizes SEO techniques like duplicate sites and backlinks from content farms (that is, poorly-written, keyword-stuffed blogs on free blog sites).

White hat SEO is building your website’s domain authority through good content, on-page optimization, and legitimate backlink outreach.

Does black hat work? Sometimes it can, but only in the short run.

Google engineers and algorithms get better (literally) every day in identifying black hat techniques. When Google discovers black hat techniques applied on your site, it will penalize you in your rankings.

What are Those High-Value Activities that Increase Your Site’s SEO?

Consistent use of white hat SEO techniques is the key to increasing your site’s Google rankings and domain authority.

Understanding which specific tasks build your SEO will help you search for Fiverr SEO sellers more carefully.

Here are three of the most common ways proven to increase your site’s SEO over time.

Great content

If you produce content that others want to see, read, or watch, your site will perform well on search engines. Additionally, your visitors will share your content over social media, further increasing web traffic.

Your content must be relevant to the keywords for which you are trying to rank. When you incorporate your keywords into your content, it needs to sound natural.

If you try to overload or awkwardly incorporate your keywords, your readers will struggle to appreciate your content, and you may get penalized for keyword stuffing.

When using Fiverr to help you find good content, you will want to search for SEO writers with strong research and grammar skills.

Online business listings (online directories)

While more of a local SEO technique, a great way to reliably increase your SEO is to include your brand on all the major online business directories.

Some directories like Google My Business you can do yourself in 10 minutes or less. Others, like, only partner with paid directory listing services like Yext. If you have plenty of time, you can take care of most listings yourself.

Online business listings tell search engines that your organization is legitimate, and they are more likely to rank your site higher.

On Fiverr, you can find freelancers that know how to set up your business listings for you. This is another excellent way to use Fiverr to build your site’s SEO.

Backlink outreach

Once you have strong content, a great approach to good SEO is link-building. Proper link-building involves researching authority websites in your industry before reaching out to them for a backlink.

You must first make sure that the website is not a competitor and has a high domain authority (above 50, if possible). Once you’ve found the sites from whom you’d like backlinks, you must reach out to the webmaster or content manager and request a link to one of your web pages.

Good backlink outreach is tedious. You have to build an email pitch that explains which of blogs/articles are relevant to your site, and why your website is one that they should link to.

When shopping on Fiverr, you may find individuals that can locate webmaster emails/phone numbers to the right sites. These freelancers may also be willing to draft pitch emails for you.

Another way to achieve these quality backlinks is to hire a published writer to guest post for a prominent online publication and link back to your site from the right anchor text. If you choose this route, make sure that you can verify the writer’s already published work, as well as the sites from which they can give you a backlink.

HARO emails

HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out. Leading writers, editors, and reporters send out email requests to HARO subscribers asking for helpful quotes, facts, or stories that can support their research.

Signing up to receive HARO emails is free. You also don’t pay anything to reply to HARO content requests. When sending HARO email pitches, make sure to identify yourself and request a link back to your site.

As tedious as backlink outreach can be, HARO emails are more so. However, even if you get a couple backlinks after a hundred email pitches, they are usually high-quality links.

On Fiverr, you may find freelancers that have experience responding to HARO emails on behalf of their clients.

5 Warning Signs of Bad Fiverr SEO Sellers

When considering your Fiverr SEO seller options, there are clear warning signs you can identify to keep yourself from hiring the wrong freelancer.

Incredibly bad grammar

If a posting is riddled with odd phrases and lousy grammar, then you are likely dealing with a scammer or black hat specialist from a foreign country.

Advertising backlinks from TF100 or DA100 sites

Even Google doesn’t have a domain authority of 100. This is clearly a scam. In fact, any listing guaranteeing backlinks for domain authorities above 60 is most likely no good.

Nonspecific or duplicated 5-star reviews

Before hiring anyone on Fiverr, you should always check that seller’s reviews.

Dishonest sellers find ways to purchase or duplicate 5-star reviews. Fake reviews don’t go into any specifics about the seller’s past performance. They are usually one-liners with poor spelling/grammar.

Full SEO campaigns

If what you want is a complete SEO campaign, you need to hire an agency and be prepared to spend thousands of dollars.

That said, if a Fiverr SEO listing advertises a full SEO campaign for less than $500, we guarantee that you will not get what you paid for.

Fiverr SEO services for less than $100

The smartest way to hire SEO specialists on Fiverr is to search for specific white hat tasks, as described above. Even then, you should expect any listing for less than $100 to be worthless.

Sample of a Great Fiverr SEO Seller

At this time, we’d like to highlight one of the better SEO service listings on Fiverr we’ve seen in a while. Here is that seller’s ad below.

Trickut - How to Effectively Find Legit Fiverr SEO Sellers - seller profile Deals Product Reviews Coupons

Notice first of all that this seller is offering a specific white hat SEO service: “branded SEO blog articles.” She is not trying to sell you on a full SEO service package. 

Further, their rates are standard for the job as described, which is about $.10/word.

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As you scroll down to read the description, you can read about the specific kind of value this seller offers. The seller mentions SEO blog writing best practices, such as internal links, authoritative external links, and the mention that the content quality is a priority.

There is no mention of anything that sounds like keyword stuffing (a black hat tactic).

Trickut - How to Effectively Find Legit Fiverr SEO Sellers - seller Deals Product Reviews Coupons


Verdict: this seller is a legitimate Fiverr SEO blog writer that you can trust to deliver as promised.

Final Considerations on SEO Fiverr Gigs

While Fiverr SEO listings are usually fraught with bogus freelancers, there are a few good ones out there that you can work with to increase your site’s search engine optimization. 

We recommend that you do the work ahead of time to understand how white hat SEO works. Afterward, you can utilize Fiverr’s search and filter tools to locate trustworthy freelancers to help you with your white hat tasks.

We hope that you found this Fiverr guide helpful as you select the right SEO assistant for your website.

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