How to Convert Youtube to MP3s on an iPhone

Downloading mp3's from YouTube videos with a YouTube to mp3 converter from your iPhone is easier than you may realize.



Remember the convenience of enjoying MP3s with an iPod or another MP3 player? You could create playlists, shuffle through songs, and carry several albums’ worth music with you wherever you went. Then, came the iPhone and YouTube. While we love YouTube, streaming videos can gobble up your data or take forever to buffer. And sometimes you have no reception or extra data.

That’s where YouTube to MP3 conversions on your iPhone can come in handy.

Why convert YouTube to MP3s from Youtube videos?

Listening to music on YouTube has some glaring flaws. YouTube on your iPhone can

  • Drain your battery since you can’t turn off your display
  • Consume your data since streaming video requires a lot of data
  • Be impossible if you don’t have a cell signal or wifi
  • Interrupt your music with ads

When you convert YouTube videos to MP3s you can bypass these problems. Best of all, you can skip using the iTunes store or shelling out any money.

So, how can you convert YouTube to MP3s on an iPhone?

  1. First, you will want to connect to wifi if you can. This will make downloads from YouTube to MP3s online quicker and save you data.
  2. Then, you’ll want to find a free YouTube to MP3 converter that you like. Most converters made for iPhones automatically export the song, podcast, or other media to your iTunes library, which is convenient.

Some YouTube to MP3 converters are web-based tools while others can be downloaded as apps.

  1. If you decide you would prefer an app, go to the App Store, find the correct app and click ‘install.’

Otherwise, you can type in the URL in Safari to get to the Youtube to MP3 free converter that you prefer.

  1. Next, open your YouTube app.
  2. Search for and find the YouTube video for the song, podcast, or other media you would like to download as an MP3.

Be sure the song doesn’t have copyright restrictions or that you have permission from the artist or creator to download the media.

  1. Once the video loads in the app, touch the share icon. This will prompt ways to share. You want to copy the URL when it appears.
  2. Open Safari, return to your YouTube to MP3 converter web tool or launch the app. Paste the YouTube URL address you copied into the field.

Most Youtube to MP3 converters will take a moment to find your video.

  1. Once the converter discovers the video and the download button is available, click “Download” or “Download MP3” or “Convert to mp3.” Downloading a song on your iPhone while connected to wifi will take a minute or two. If you’re using mobile data, it may take several minutes. The best YouTube to MP3 converters show a progress bar, so you can monitor the download.

Depending on the YouTube to MP3 converter you chose, your MP3 file will appear in your Documents under Downloads or appear in your iTunes library.

  1. Open the download location and the MP3 is ready. You can open your song, it will begin to play, then you can lock your screen, and enjoy listening.

Converting YouTube videos to MP3s on your iPhone

The best YouTube video to MP3 converters can be used on other websites like Dailymotion.

Whether you want to enjoy your favorite podcast or you like the convenience of smooth tunes without buffering, converting YouTube to MP3s is easy and a game-changer. So, prepare to re-build your MP3 library.


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