How Pearson’s MyMathLab is Helping Students

Building an Educational Foundation with MyMathLab

How Pearson’s MyMathLab is Helping Students

For new students transitioning into college or mathematics, it can be a stressful and confusing time. 

It’s no secret that college is a bit different from high school and that the field of math can become complicated quickly.

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Luckily for us, Pearson’s MyMathLab comes with several great resources that new students can use to build strong foundations as students and up their chances for success. 

If you’re unfamiliar with MyMathLab as a whole and want more information, then we already have a full MyMathLab review ready to go for students like you. 

Pearson’s skills for success

Pearson makes it their mission to help students build the skills they need to succeed when learning. 

MyMathLab features a “Skills for Success” option that houses many excellent educational resources for students. 

Let’s take a look:

Just look at all those modules for building a solid educational foundation. 

Each success module comes with a pre-test, video overview, activity set, and post-test. 

These are not mandatory activities, but if you’re a new student worried about being prepared, then you should give these modules a try. 

By far, the most critical modules for succeeding as a student are:

  • Time Management – learning practical time management skills is the key to student success.
  • Stress Management – College can be stressful, and learning how to handle that stress will be integral to staying on top of things. Just a note: time management will help with this. 
  • College Transition – This is primarily for new college students. It’ll help you get in the proper mindset for the new environment you’re about to walk into. 
  • Financial Literacy – This module offers insights into how financing for your education works. As a topic, financial literacy is something many students are still in the dark on. Don’t be one of them!

Let’s take a look at what the activities from the time management module look like so you can see what kind of skills you’re going to need. l

As a current student, I can say from experience that doing these activities will be an excellent way for you to put yourself on the path for success. 

It’s great that Pearson has included these modules within MyMathLab. They’re a fantastic tool for upping your game as a student. 

A provided success toolkit

Next, we’re going to be looking at what MyMathLab has dubbed “Tools for Success.”

Take a look for yourself:

It should be noted that this set of tools is for a precalculus course. What you see may change with your class. 

Pearson has gone to great lengths to ensure every student has everything they’re going to need to succeed. Well, everything besides an answer key. 

The first tool worth mentioning is the bilingual Glossary of important terms. This tool is especially great for those that struggle with English but are native Spanish speakers. 

For a course like this, Pearson has also laid out how to operate a graphing calculator. This guide is excellent for newer mathematics students who aren’t familiar with all the tricks and tools available to them on a graphing calculator. 

Knowing the ins and outs of your tools can save you tons of time and brainpower when working on assignments. 

Every student knows the feeling of coming back to school after the break and completely forgetting everything you used during last semester. This is a common problem, especially in math classes. 

Thankfully, MyMathLab provides review activities for fundamental concepts that you’ll need for your new class so you can quickly catch back up without having to relearn all of the last semesters material. 

Talk about a time saver. 

You won’t need to spend half your time googling “how do I do x” because you’ll already be refreshed on the concepts thanks to the tools Pearson provides. 

Become the student you always could be

Now that you’ve been made aware of these tools and foundational skill-building activities, why not use them? 

No house built on sand last’s very long. You need a strong foundation to build upon. So don’t be afraid of doing a little extra work to build that foundation. 

From one student to another, the skills that MyMathLab can help you build are integral to succeeding in more advanced studies. So set your future up for success.

Happy studying!

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