How Good is Republic Wireless Coverage?

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Is Republic Wireless coverage reliable? When switching to a no-contract, prepaid cell carrier, you want to save money without losing good coverage.

Thankfully, Republic Wireless coverage is strong across most areas of the continental United States. Here is a quick guide to help you determine if coverage is good in your area before you make a switch.

Using the Republic Wireless Coverage Map

A great place to begin when examining republic wireless coverage in your area is to use their website coverage map. Areas shaded in dark green receive the best coverage, while areas in light green or white receive little or no coverage.

Trickut - How Good is Republic Wireless Coverage - MapTrickut - How Good is Republic Wireless Coverage - ReviewTrickut - How Good is Republic Wireless Coverage 4g lte

When you compare this map to coverage maps of other providers, it won’t look much different zoomed out. As a general rule, non-metropolitan or non-suburban areas receive less coverage. In most cities and across major interstates, coverage is strong.

Coverage in Specific Areas (Zooming In on the Coverage Map)

Ideally, you should enter your address (or the address of an area you frequent) to get a more realistic sense of coverage. Please take a look at our example below for Reno, Nevada.

Trickut - How Good is Republic Wireless Coverage 4g lte

Of course, the coverage report (on the top lefthand side) is no guarantee. If your phone is older, either the GSM or CDMA network may not work as well as it does on other phones (we will discuss this in the next section).

And even though your area reports reliable coverage on the website, you could encounter patches where coverage is sketchy. Still, every carrier – even Verizon and AT&T – will have patches in their coverage. Unless where you live is a weak coverage area, your Republic Wireless coverage is likely to perform as well as any other carrier.

What Being an MVNO Wireless Provider Means

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a cell carrier that piggy-backs off the wireless infrastructure of a premium carrier. These premium carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint) either run on a GSM network or a CDMA network.

Republic Wireless coverage uses two networks, T-Mobile (GSM) and Sprint (CDMA). Without getting too technical, it is somewhat unusual that an MVNO would use two different networks. Most often, a prepaid carrier works on either a GSM or a CDMA network.

How Republic Wireless Switches Phones Between Networks

Republic has a proprietary VoIP platform that equips customer phones to switch back and forth among WiFi, GSM, and CDMA networks. But this doesn’t work with all phones.

Some phones are too old to make the switch among networks well. If you plan to bring your own device to Republic Wireless, make sure to confirm that your phone is compatible first.

iPhones are not compatible with Republic Wireless’s VoIP software, and thus you will not be allowed to switch to Republic Wireless with an iPhone.

Connectivity Issues

Even older phones that are technically compatible are going to be more likely to “act up” when Republic Wireless switches to different networks. Issues could occur as you travel across the country or when merely going to a different part of town.

Republic Wireless Coverage Quality

Most Republic Wireless customers have no complaints regarding coverage. When it comes to purchasing data, LTE speeds are great and capable of doing anything you might want to do if subscribed to a major carrier.


Dropped calls are the worst. When examining the Republic Wireless coverage map, any areas that are light green or white indicate a high chance of dropped calls.

More common call issues pertain to connectivity “breaking up” during a phone conversation. Connectivity interruptions, inadequate coverage, and even the age of your phone could contribute to poor call quality.


There is very little to say on this point. Your texts either go through, or they don’t. As with dropped calls, you can anticipate texting issues in areas that report low connectivity.


Republic Wireless is always going to select the best network (GSM or CDMA) in your area to give you max download speeds. If LTE coverage is strong, you’ll be able to stream music and video without any issue.

Remember, however, that you will only get data for which you’ve paid. Unlike other carriers that throttle your data to 2G after you use your purchased data, Republic Wireless will turn data off completely once you’ve reached your limit.

If you use a lot of data (3 Gigabytes/month or more) regularly, you are probably not getting a good deal with Republic Wireless. You might consider switching to another no-contract carrier that offers affordable unlimited data plans.

That being said, if you are a heavy data user only using a few months out of the year, Republic Wireless allows you to make immediate adjustments to your plan. You can increase your data for one month and return to normal the next.

Hotspot and Tethering

Republic Wireless does not allow for a separate purchase of hotspot or tethering. However, if you have the available data, then you can use that data as your hotspot. Download speeds and data limits apply as described above.

WiFi Assistance

Republic Wireless’s VoIP platform also empowers your phone to switch to any available WiFi networks nearby automatically. Therefore, even if you are in a low-coverage area, you can still make calls, send texts, or use the Internet.

Getting Help

The biggest complaint we have with Republic Wireless is their lack of customer service. There are no chat features or 800 numbers.

Trickut - How Good is Republic Wireless Coverage - Review

What you have instead is a wide selection of blogs from the Republic Wireless Help Center, as well as forums. If you need customized care, you must go through the email trouble ticket process.

If you begin having significant issues with your Republic Wireless coverage, it may be challenging to get help efficiently.

Closing Comments

When all is said and done, Republic Wireless coverage is easily as good as any other leading MVNO carrier. Just as you would when shopping among premium carriers, you should always consult the Republic Wireless coverage map and check coverage strength in your specific area.

If your phone is older, consider purchasing a new phone with Republic Wireless or vendor before switching. Also, make sure that a phone is compatible before purchasing and making the switch to Republic Wireless.


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