How Does Mint Mobile Wifi Calling and Text Work?

Not Just for iPhones

How Does Mint Mobile Wifi Calling and Text Work

To make calling more accessible in areas where standard carrier coverage is spotty, Mint Mobile offers its customers Wifi calling and texting. 

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is one of the most compelling prepaid wireless options on the market. Mint Mobile is worth switching to.

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Mint Mobile – IRFREESHIP

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What is Mint Mobile Wifi calling and text?

In a typical wireless carrier arrangement, your phone will only make calls and send texts when it has a connection to your carrier’s wireless network. 

With Wifi calling and texting, you can use your Mint Mobile service to make calls and send texts. That means that if you are in an area where your signal is weak, you can use a nearby Wifi network not just to surf the Internet, but also make calls.

What is the difference between Wifi calling and Wifi assist?

iPhone users have long had the benefit of Wifi calling and text. However, Wifi calling is often confused with Wifi assist – also an Apple device feature.

Wifi assist has nothing to do with being able to make calls and send texts using a Wifi connection. Instead, it means that your Apple device will use your LTE (if you are connected) to assist a weak Wifi signal at your home or in public.

As such, Wifi assist has a habit of draining data usage, while Wifi calling can bypass the carrier/LTE connection altogether.

Can you use any smartphone to access Mint Mobile Wifi calling?

Wifi calling is not available for every Mint Mobile device. That said, most Android smartphones and iPhones are compatible. Here is a list of the models that Mint Mobile Wifi calling currently supports.

Disclaimer: this list is not a guarantee. For a list of compatible IMEIs able to take advantage of this feature, check out Mint’s page here.

Alcatel compatible devices

  • Alcatel 4037 Evolve 2 Soul4 3G
  • Alcatel 4060W Pixi 4 Jabber
  • Alcatel 5020T One Touch Evolve
  • Alcatel 5042T One Touch Pop Astro Alto
  • Alcatel 5049W T-Mobile REVVL
  • Alcatel 5049Z A30
  • Alcatel 5054N One Touch Fierce XL Pilot
  • Alcatel 5056G POP 4 Plus Aspire
  • Alcatel 5056N Fierce 4 Aspire
  • Alcatel 5056W Fierce 4 Aspire
  • Alcatel 5065N TRU Stellar
  • Alcatel 7024W OneTouch Fierce Rav4
  • Alcatel 7040 Fierce 2 Yaris 5
  • Alcatel A450TL One Touch Pixi Charm Alcatel A450TL
  • Alcatel A621BL OneTouch Pixi 5.5 A621BL

Compatible iPhones models

  • All models since iPhone 5S

Coolpad compatible devices

  • Coolpad 3320A
  • Coolpad 3622A
  • Coolpad 3632A
  • Coolpad 3701A

HTC compatible devices

  • HTC One M8
  • HTC 0PJA120 One M9
  • HTC 0PM9110 Desire 626s A22
  • HTC 2PS6500 HTC 10
  • HTC 2PST2 Desire 530 A16
  • HTC 2PST200 Desire 530 A16
  • HTC 2Q3F300 U11
  • HTC DREA100 G1
  • HTC G-2PW2100 Pixel XL
  • HTC G-2PW4100 Pixel
  • HTC G011A Pixel 2 S2
  • HTC PB65100 MyTouch
  • HTC PC10100 G2
  • HTC PD15100 MyTouch 4G
  • HTC PG59100 myTouch 4G
  • HTC PG76240
  • HTC PH85110 Amaze 4G
  • HTC PJ40110 One S
  • HTC PN071 One M7
  • HTC SAPP300 MyTouch 3G
  • HTC SAPP310 MyTouch 1.2
  • HTC Sensation Sensation Pyramid

Huawei compatible devices

  • Huawei H1511 Nexus 6P
  • Huawei H1623 Ascend 5W H1623
  • Huawei H715BL H715BL
  • Huawei U8651 Prism
  • Huawei U8680 myTouch
  • Huawei U8686 Prism II
  • Huawei U8730 myTouch Q
  • Huawei Y301-A1
  • Huawei Y301-A2

Kyocera compatible devices

  • Kyocera E6820TM DuraForce PRO Explorer
  • Kyocera C6522 Hydro XTRM Stagedive
  • Kyocera C6530 Hydro Life Latitude HD
  • Kyocera C6740 Hydro Wave Concourse
  • Kyocera E6790TM DuraForce XD Duraforce XD

LG compatible devices

  • LG C729 Doubleplay Flip II
  • LG C800 myTouch Q by LG Maxx Q
  • LG D415 Optimus L90 W7
  • LG D500 Optimus F6 U4
  • LG D520 Optimus F3Q F3Q
  • LG D801 G2
  • LG D851 G3 B2
  • LG D959 G Flex Z
  • LG E739 myTouch by LG Maxx T
  • LG G011C Pixel 2 XL Taimen
  • LG H345 Leon C40
  • LG H631 G Stylo Leopard
  • LG H790 Nexus 5X
  • LG H811 G4 Lion
  • LG H830 G5 Alice
  • LG H872 G6 Diva
  • LG H901 V10 P Plus
  • LG K330TN K7 M1
  • LG K330TNGO1 K7 M1
  • LG K428 K10 M2
  • LG K550BN Stylo 2 Plus PH2
  • LG K550BNGO1 Stylo 2 Plus PH2
  • LG L57BL Rebel 2 LV1
  • LG L63BL Fiesta LV7
  • LG L83BL Stylo 3 SF3
  • LG LG-H918 V20 Elsa
  • LG LG-H932 LG-H932BK V30 V30+ Joan
  • LG LGL53BL X Style L53BL
  • LG LGL59BL Grace LTE L59BL
  • LG LGP999DW G2x Star
  • LG M210 Aristo LV3
  • LG MP260 K20 Plus LV5
  • LG MP450 Stylo 3 Plus SF6
  • LG MS210 Aristo LV3
  • LG MS323 Optimus L70 W5
  • LG MS330 K7 M1
  • LG MS345 Leon C40
  • LG MS395 Optimus F60 E2
  • LG MS428 K10 M2
  • LG MS550 Stylo 2 Plus PH2
  • LG MS631 G Stylo Leopard
  • LG P509 Optimus T Thunder
  • LG P659 Optimus F3 FX3
  • LG P769 Optimus L9 U2
  • LG TP260 K20 Plus LV5
  • LG TP450 Stylo 3 Plus SF6
  • LG V521 G Pad X8.0 B3
  • LG X210MA Aristo 2 CV1

Motorola compatible devices

  • Motorola MB502 Charm Basil
  • Motorola MB525 Defy Jordan
  • Motorola MB611 Cliq2 Begonia
  • Motorola XT1103 Nexus 6 Apollo
  • Motorola XT1768 E4
  • Motorola XT1789-04 Moto Z2 Force Edition Eagle

Samsung compatible devices

  • Samsung G360T Galaxy Core Prime Core Prime
  • Samsung G386T Galaxy Avant Afyon
  • Samsung G386T1 Galaxy Avant Afyon
  • Samsung G530T Galaxy Grand Prime Grand Prime
  • Samsung G530T1 Galaxy Grand Prime Grand Prime
  • Samsung G900T Galaxy S 5 Rockford
  • Samsung G900T1 Galaxy S 5 Rockford
  • Samsung G920T Galaxy S 6 Zero
  • Samsung G920T1 Galaxy S 6 Zero
  • Samsung G925T Galaxy S 6 Edge Zero Edge
  • Samsung G928T Galaxy S 6 Edge+ Barnes
  • Samsung G930T Galaxy S 7 Hero
  • Samsung G930T1 Galaxy S 7 Hero
  • Samsung G930U Galaxy S 7 SE GS7
  • Samsung G935T Galaxy S 7 Edge Hero 2
  • Samsung G935U Galaxy S 7 Edge SE GS7
  • Samsung J700T Galaxy J7 J7
  • Samsung J700T1 Galaxy J7 J7
  • Samsung M819N Galaxy Mega Mega
  • Samsung M919 Galaxy S 4 J
  • Samsung N900T Galaxy Note 3 H
  • Samsung N910T3 Galaxy Note 4 T
  • Samsung N915T Galaxy Note Edge T Edge
  • Samsung N920T Galaxy Note 5 Noble
  • Samsung N930T Galaxy Note 7 Grace
  • Samsung N950U Galaxy Note 8 Gr3at
  • Samsung N950U1 Galaxy Note 8 SE Gr3at
  • Samsung SM-550TL Galaxy On5 On5
  • Samsung SM-G550T Galaxy On5 On5
  • Samsung SM-G550T1 Galaxy On5 On5
  • Samsung SM-G550T2 Galaxy On5 On5
  • Samsung SM-G892U Galaxy S 8 Active Cruiser
  • Samsung SM-G950U Galaxy S 8 Dream1
  • Samsung SM-G950U Galaxy S 8 Dream1
  • Samsung SM-G955U Galaxy S 8 plus Dream2
  • Samsung SM-J327T Galaxy J3 Prime J3 Prime
  • Samsung SM-J327T1 Galaxy J3 Prime
  • Samsung SM-J727T Galaxy J7 Prime J7 Prime
  • Samsung SM-J727T1 Galaxy J7 Prime
  • Samsung T399 Galaxy Light Garda
  • Samsung T399N Galaxy Light Garda
  • Samsung T499 Dart Tass
  • Samsung T589 Gravity Smart GT2
  • Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit Codina
  • Samsung T679 Exhibit II 4G Ancora
  • Samsung T699 Galaxy S Relay 4G Apex Q
  • Samsung T759 Exhibit Hawk
  • Samsung T769 Galaxy S Blaze 4G Apex 40
  • Samsung T839 Sidekick 4G Nightwing
  • Samsung T879 Galaxy Note Note
  • Samsung T889 Galaxy Note II T0
  • Samsung T959 Vibrant Supersonic
  • Samsung T959V Galaxy S 4G Vibrant+
  • Samsung T989 Galaxy S II 4G Hercules
  • Samsung T999 Galaxy S 3 M
  • Samsung T999 Galaxy S III LTE GS3-LTE
  • Samsung T999 Galaxy S III LTE M

Blackberry compatible devices

  • RIM STV100-1 BlackBerry Priv Venice

Sony compatible devices

  • Sony C6606 Xperia Z Yuga
  • Sony C6916 Xperia Z1s i1
  • Sony D6616 Xperia Z3 Orion

ZTE compatible devices

  • ZTE Z667 Zinger Zinger
  • ZTE Z718TL Z718TL Z718TL
  • ZTE Z730 Concord II Marble
  • ZTE Z798BL Z798BL
  • ZTE Z820 Obsidian Cranberry
  • ZTE Z828 Avid Plus Ridge
  • ZTE Z833 Avid TRIO Cheers
  • ZTE Z836BL Z836BL
  • ZTE Z855 Avid 4 Juniper
  • ZTE Z916BL Z916BL Z916BL
  • ZTE Z970 ZMAX Olympia
  • ZTE Z981 ZMAX PRO Curry
  • ZTE Z982 Blade Z Max Sequoia
  • ZTE Z986DL Z986DL Z986DL
Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is one of the most compelling prepaid wireless options on the market. Mint Mobile is worth switching to.

Mint Mobile – IRFREESHIP

Mint Mobile – IRFREESHIP

Get $5 off your order with code: IRFREESHIP

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