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Mint Mobile WiFi and International Calling

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We’ve had a lot of people ask; does WiFi calling work with Mint Mobile?

Short answer – Yes! WiFi calling works with Mint Mobile.

Mint Mobile WiFi calling lets you send and receive calls and texts over your Internet connection, as long as your device is supported.

Here’s what it is and how you can enable Mint Mobile WiFi calling on your smartphone. I’ll also cover Mint Mobile international calling, rates, and tips for great a great Mint call experience.

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New to Mint Mobile? Here’s a brief

California-based tech startup Mint Mobile was introduced in 2016 by Ultra Mobile. The Mint Mobile network runs nationwide overtop of T-Mobile’s cellular towers. As a prepaid MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), Mint Mobile is shaking up the wireless industry with bulk packaging at an affordable rate.

To get started with mint Mobile, bring your own GSM-compatible device. Then, choose your data bucket (3, 8, or 12GB) and flexible terms (from 3-,6-, and 12-month increments). Mint Mobile plans start as low as $15/mo for 4G LTE data.

Complete guide to Mint Mobile WiFi calling

Mint Mobile

What is Mint WiFi calling?

Do you live in a neighborhood with poor coverage? I know I do, and Mint WiFi calling and texting is the only way I can avoid dropped calls (find out more in my Mint Mobile review). 

Mint Mobile has a lot of cool features; one of them being built-in WiFi talk and text. When WiFi calling is enabled, you can make calls and send texts over the Internet, similar to VoIP services like Skype.

With most connections, this means high definition (HD) voice service rather than hit or miss reception. This is the best way to get around unpredictable coverage areas and unreliable service.

There’s only one catch – you have to have a WiFi calling-capable device.

Is Mint WiFi calling and text available on my device?

If you have a newer Android or iPhone device, it’s likely that you’re WiFi calling-capable.

Basically, if you have an iPhone 5S, SE, 6 or up, you’re in the clear. If you have an Android, you’ll want to check Mint’s official WiFi compatibility list to see if you make the cut.

How to enable WiFi calling Mint Mobile

If you have an Android device, WiFi calling Mint Mobile is something that you can enable when you configure your data during the Mint SIM activation (or in your menu settings anytime).

For iOS users with an iPhone 5, SE, 6 and above, Mint WiFi calling is enabled automatically when your iPhone’s carrier settings are updated.

You can update the carrier settings on your iPhone by selecting: Settings > General > About > Carrier

When you find yourself in an area with unreliable WiFi coverage, WiFi calling lets you connect to the nearest WiFi hotspot. To enable this feature, you will need to add an emergency 911 address to your phone.

Mint Mobile international calling

Mint Mobile

Do you need to make an international call? The Mint Mobile network includes:

  • Free Mint calls to Canada and Mexico
  • International roaming with talk, text, and data
  • Low-rates to over 160 countries worldwide
  • Unused balances roll over month-to-month and never expire

What is Mint Mobile international roaming?

Mint Mobile international roaming allows you to connect to a country’s mobile network, other than the one you live in.

When you are traveling outside of the U.S. and you make/answer a Mint call or send a text with your regular SIM card in “roaming” status, you are charged rates on a per-minute/per text basis.

In addition to talk and text, world travelers who are subscribed to Mint Mobile are able to use their Mint Mobile international calling balance for data.

How does it work?

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile plans are prepaid, so how exactly do Mint SIM international calls, text, and data work?

The first step to making Mint calls overseas, is adding money to your Mint international calling balance with UpRoam. Use one of the following three ways to add money to your UpRoam “wallet.”

  • Text UPROAM to 7600.
  • Log into your Mint Mobile account.
  • Or call 611.

You can add credit to your international roaming account in increments of $5, $10, or $20. The best part is, the same credit works for all of your international Mint calls, texts, and data. Plus, any unused balance rolls over from month-to-month and never expires from your account.

Mint Mobile international calling rates

$0.05/text (Outbound) Free (Inbound)$0.25/min$0.20/MB
$0.02/texts Canada & Mexico (Outbound)Talk $0.06/min Canada and MexicoData $0.06/MB Canada and Mexico

Once you’ve added money with UpRoam, Mint Mobile international roaming charges are affordable.

  • Receiving SMS while you are overseas won’t cost you anything, and you’ll pay just $0.05 a text message to respond.
  • Making and receiving Mint Mobile international calls is even more of a bargain at just $0.25/minutes – which is nearly 50% less than Verizon.
  • Mint Mobile has also added data roaming to its list of features. You’ll pay $0.20 per MB of data used internationally.
  • Rates are cheaper if you happen to be visiting Canada or Mexico, costing just $0.02 to send an outbound text and $0.06 per minute and MB of data.

Find out the full list of countries that support Mint Mobile international calling here.

International calls Mint Mobile account balance

You can view your Mint Mobile international calling “wallet” balance at any time by:

  • Logging into your Mint Mobile account. This is a simple way to view everything related to your Mint service.
  • Texting BALANCE to 6700. This will send you a text with all of your balance information.
  • And calling Mint Mobile customer care. Simply dial 611 from your device and ask the Mint representative about your account balance.

Tips while roaming with Mint Mobile

  • Dial out with the correct country code.
  • Turn off Cellular Data and Data Roaming while not in use.
  • Use Mint Mobile WiFi calling to save on international talk, text, and data rates.

One of the most common problems people run into when trying to make a Mint call overseas is dialing out incorrectly. To make international calls with Mint Mobile, dial the number with a 00 or + in front, followed by the country code, and the phone number you want to call.

Smartphone users should be aware of data roaming, which can eat up your Mint Mobile plan’s GB allotment. Unfortunately, experts say that turning your phone off is not a solution. Instead, you’ll need to turn off Cellular Data and Data Roaming in your settings to avoid extra charges.

If you want to save your data costs, it’s important to connect to WiFi when possible. When you are connected to the Internet, Mint Mobile WiFi calling won’t use any of your Mint Mobile plan data or UpRoam balance – yes, even internationally!

Have more questions about Mint Mobile WiFi calling?

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile WiFi calling and Mint Mobile international calls can get confusing. If I haven’t answered all of your questions here, Mint Mobile has a ton of resources on the topic, including extensive FAQs and videos.

There’s also a lot of helpful information in Mint Mobile’s online moderated community and Mint Mobile Reddit thread r/mintmobile.

Finally, if you don’t get your Mint WiFi calling and Mint international calling questions answered there, you can reach out to Mint’s support chat on the website or Mint Mobile customer support at 213-372-7777.

Of course, if you really want the lowdown on Mint Mobile’s service – you can read my comprehensive Mint Mobile review.

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