Got a New Account with Mint Mobile? Activate It Today

A Quick New-user Guide

Mint Mobile Starter Kit - What it is and Why You Need It

Congratulations on joining Mint Mobile! In this quick guide, we’re going to show you how to activate your Mint Mobile account in minutes. Make sure you have your new SIM kit ready before we dive in.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is one of the most compelling prepaid wireless options on the market. Mint Mobile is worth switching to.

If you have more questions regarding what to expect once you’ve activated your new Mint Mobile account, check out our complete Mint Mobile Review.

When you are ready to activate your new Mint Mobile account, visit Mint’s activation page. You’ll know you’re in the right place if the page looks like the screenshot you see below.

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Source: Mint Mobile

Have your Mint Mobile SIM kit handy

Your SIM kit includes your SIM card plus your activation code on the back. Depending upon the size SIM card your phone takes, dislodge the right SIM card from the kit and insert it into the phone’s SIM tray. If you’re unsure of where to find your phone’s SIM tray, use Google to find your make/model’s user manual for guidance.

Be sure to save the entire kit until your Mint Mobile activation process is complete. On the back of your SIM kit, you will find an 11-digit number. This number is your activation code, and you will enter this number where prompted on Mint’s activation page.

Once you’ve inserted the 11-digit code, select “Start or Resume your Activation.”

Mint Mobile activate: Are you bringing (porting) your current phone number or getting a new one?

Once you’ve launched your activation online, Mint will give you two options:

  • You can keep your current phone number; or,
  • You can opt to get a new phone number.

Porting your current phone number to Mint Mobile

First, select “transfer an existing number” to begin the porting process.

To port your existing phone number, you will need your current/former account information. If you no longer have this information, contact your carrier for assistance.

Fill in all requested information and submit. Some porting requests take minutes, while others can take up to a day to process.

Getting a new phone number from Mint Mobile

First, select “get a new number.”

Mint will ask you to provide your zip code. Adding your zip code will ensure that you get a local phone number attached to your new Mint Mobile account. Tip: if you want a phone number with a different area code, you’ll need to input a zip code assigned to the area code you prefer.

Once you agree to the return and the user policy, your activation is complete. The next step is to update your data/apn settings.

Activating your account using the Mint Mobile app

Even if you’ve not yet activated your phone with Mint, you can connect to a Wifi network and download the Mint Mobile app.

When you open the app, you can choose whether you are activating a new account or taking advantage of Mint’s 7-day trial. After making your selection, the app will prompt you to scan the barcode on your SIM kit.

Using the app to activate your Mint Mobile account saves you from having to enter the 11-digit code online manually. Once you’ve chosen to get a new number or keep your old phone number, the last step is to update your data/apn settings.

Update your Mint data/apn settings

Depending upon what kind of phone you have, you may also need to update your data/apn settings. Check out our tutorials here:

Mint Mobile activate: Need help?

At any time during the activation process, Mint support is available to help.

Mint Mobile activate Need help call phone
Source: Mint Mobile

You can call the number displayed on Mint’s activation page. Or, you can dial 611 from your phone. Either way, a customer representative will assist you through the activation process.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is one of the most compelling prepaid wireless options on the market. Mint Mobile is worth switching to.

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