Convert YouTube Videos to MP3s & Make Playlists

Downloading YouTube videos to MP3s will save you time, data, and battery life.

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There is a time and place for watching music videos. That place is not the gym and that time is not 11 PM on a road trip. These instances call for music. So, how can you enjoy your favorite tunes from YouTube without having to stream video or use mobile data? When you plan ahead and convert YouTube videos to MP3s, you can collect your favorite playlists and save yourself time, stress, and money.

So how do you convert YouTube videos to MP3s?

The process is simple. So why does converting YouTube videos to MP3s feel complicated? Because there are so many converter websites and apps.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to spend hours sifting through websites, ads, and instructions to learn how to convert YouTube to MP3s. We’re here to help you understand the in, outs, and how.

1.   Find a YouTube to MP3 converter that you like.

While you will find there are hundreds of options, some YouTube to MP3 converters offers more reliable, easy to use, and less spammy interfaces.

When deciding which YouTube to MP3 converter works for your needs keep in mind some:

  • work better with iPhones versus Androids or your PC
  • download YouTube videos to MP3s or to MP4s for a video option
  • offer apps and Google Chrome extensions
  • are ad-free while others have pop-up ads associated with each download
  • offer YouTube to MP3 high-quality audio
  • have daily and lifetime limits on downloads
  • Download speeds vary. MediaHuman offers youtube to mp3 320kbps

Save yourself time and compare our favorite YouTube to MP3 converters.

2.   Choose a YouTube video you want to convert to an MP3

When finding a song that you want as an MP3 there are some ways to increase the likelihood of successful conversion. Vivo videos are encrypted to block MP3 conversions.

3.   Copy the video’s web address and paste it in your YouTube to MP3 converter’s text field

To convert YouTube videos to MP3s, MP3 converters find the Flash video data on the website then use an audio codec to transform that data into a usable audio file. They then offer the file to you as a download.

It takes a minute for YouTube converters to sort website data and locate Flash files. So, don’t panic when it takes a minute for your converter to decide if it can convert your video.

After it finds the Flash file, it will take another moment to convert the file into an MP3. The whole process takes a few minutes.

4.   Download your MP3

Click “download” to save your MP3. This will also just take a moment. If you click “download” and nothing happens, make sure your Pop-Up blocker is turned off.

5.   Transfer MP3s to Your Phone

If you chose to download your Youtube videos to MP3s stored on your PC, you can always transfer them via your Cloud or Bluetooth transfer.

6.   Create YouTube to MP3 audio Playlists

You can download an app from the Play Store or App Store on your phone to organize and play your MP3s. MP3 Player is probably the most common one you’ll find for Androids while many iPhones users prefer Beat over any other music player.

Happy listening! As you begin using YouTube to MP3 converters, you will get back in touch with your inner music-curator. Be sure you keep your playlists up-to-date and filled with the best of your favorite songs.


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