C4 Healthlabs Review: A Company Focused on Pure CBD Oils

The number of CBD companies in the US market is overwhelming. Every corner of the internet is occupied by a brand that claims to offer a remedy to your search. If you’re searching to relax, calm-colored ads appear with the directive to try a particular brand. Are you searching for pain relief? You’ll find bright, cheerful websites that take your mind off the aches. If you are looking for a brand that others trust, then begin with the company’s reviews. Reading the experiences of others will help you decide what is right for you. We hope this C4 Healthlabs review helps you on your search for pure, potent CBD oil. 

C4 Healthlabs was founded to help people

C4 Healthlabs was created in response to one of the founder’s attempts to find resources for his son with Autism. Upon discovering the medicinal properties of CBD oil, he began looking for detailed information. Further, he began his search for products that were consistently high quality. His search continuously left him empty handed. Large, “corporate” brands left him with doubts about product consistency and control. Other brands either lacked proper testing documentation or showed test results with impurities. 

Thus, he decided to build a business that supported those searching for relief, and their families. C4 Healthlabs is dedicated to producing products that promote positive health. This is evident in the purity and strength of their CBD oils and products. It’s also made apparent in the content of their other nutritional supplements, such as Liposomal Vitamin B and Liposomal Vitamin C

Further, the customer service team is a wealth of knowledge. If a chat is not available at the moment of your visit, the company will return your query by the next working day. Sometimes, it is even an owner of the company who responds. 

C4 Healthlabs CBD oil is single-origin

C4 Healthlabs tests every step. of the production. This includes farming practices, ingredients, and final products. C4 Healthlabs CBD oils are made from a certified cultivar of Italian fiber hemp. The strain is naturally rich in CBD and performs well in the Tennessee climate. The farm uses zero pesticides, herbicides, or micro-biocides and nourishes the plants with organic fertilizers and lactose probiotics. The close regulation of farming practices, plant progress, and harvesting protocol means every batch of C4 Healthlabs CBD oil is consistent, contaminant-free, and potent.

C4 Healthlabs CBD oil is pure

The team’s dedication to building an ethical brand reaches beyond farming practices and customer support. In tandem with organic farming practices, C4 Healthlabs CBD oil is non-GMO, BPA Free, and Cruelty-Free. 

Further, the extraction and distillation process ensures the strongest concentration of cannabidiol possible. C4 Healthlabs uses a three-step process to extract its CBD oil. The first step in extraction is ethanol extraction. The company uses organic ethanol because of its effectiveness. The process also includes MCT coconut oil, the most bio-available form of energy. Following the extraction, the resin is passed through a distillation process, removing unnecessary remnants of the plant matter. 

After the first phase of extraction, the CBD oils go through an additional 18-hour short-path distillation process. C4 Healthlabs is one of the few brands on the American market to add this extra step of purification. This final formulation results in CBD oils that are over 99% pure and the cleanest, clearest, and most powerful concentrates available. The double distillation process results in little to no residual hemp flavor or aroma. 

For those who still hold an aversion to the mild hemp smell or taste, C4 Healthlabs offers a CITRUS flavor, enhanced with organic sweet orange essential oil. Every C4 Healthlabs review that mentions the citrus flavor is positive.

C4 Healthlabs CBD oils state the minimum milligrams of CBD per bottle. Oftentimes, the concentrations test slightly stronger than the stated 500mg, 1,000mg, or 2,000mg bottles. But they are never below the stated concentration. Every CBD oil product page shows the COA from the current batch. Users are also able to contact C4 Healthlabs to receive a copy of the test. The tests continuously show pure, clean, and potent oils. 

Each C4 Healthlabs Review is verified 

C4 Healthlabs has hundreds of verified reviews on all of its full-spectrum CBD products. Each C4 Healthlabs review offers insight into why the user is taking CBD oil, chose C4 Healthlabs, and/or chooses to continue purchasing from the company. The reviews range from comments on excellent customer service to stories of life-changing aid. The brand’s customers applaud the oil’s success in relieving aches and pains from arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and more. Other reviews depict reductions in anxiety and improvements in sleep. 

For example, this review describes incredible improvements in pain management and quality of life: 

Been using C4 Healthlabs CBD oil for about 4 months. The pain in my hands (arthritis) is greatly diminished and I am doing things again that I couldn’t before using C4 – playing the piano and gardening for starters! Use it twice a day and am so grateful to not wake up constantly in the night with “numb” hands and nasty pain.

Susan B

Product: Citrus 1000

Another user describes his experience using it for anxiety: 

I’ve suffered with chronic anxiety for years. I’ve been on the standard treatments including benzos and the like. All of which helped, but I don’t want to take pharmaceuticals. This CBD works wonders! I like the natural approach vs pills and it works better! Great customer service and awesome products!

Adam W.

Product: Citrus 2000

C4 Healthlabs Products – Formulated for Therapeutic Effect

C4healthlabs products - best cbd oil for painC4 Healthlabs is meticulous when it comes to its formulations, concentrations, and complementary products. It’s collection of CBD oils include 500mg, 1,000mg and 2,000mg concentrations. These levels of CBD were chosen to assist with varying degrees of distress, from moderate to severe. The company chose to offer varying doses to help new users understand their tolerance levels, as well as create true relief for individuals suffering from chronic conditions. 

A side benefit to the gradual increase in concentration is cost savings. Users who discover their best doses within the 1,000mg product often switch to the 2,000mg bottle. They are then able to half their standard intake and save money over time. 

Further, the decision to infuse the CBD oil into MCT coconut oil was based on the body’s ability to absorb the compound. MCT is the most bio-available oil, making it a powerful carrier of cannabidiol that ensures high levels of absorption.

The CBD infused lotions, balms and chocolates contain organic ingredients. The liposomal vitamins include complementary compounds that help the main vitamins perform better. For example, the inclusion of Bioperine (black pepper) in its vitamin c compound is in order to facilitate higher nutrient absorption. In short, every ingredient in C4 Healthlabs products is analyzed and chosen for complementary purposes. 

C4 Healthlabs Review Conclusion: Dedicated to Promoting Positive Health

We already know that the history of hemp includes widespread cannabis use for pain relief in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Numerous CBD studies have linked the oil to its anti-inflammatory properties. In 2018, the FDA approved the first pharmaceutical cannabidiol-based drug Epilodex to treat seizures associated with two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. Medicine journals are now covering CBD dosage standards when discussing CBD with patients. C4 Healthlabs is also working to normalize the CBD industry and help others find natural and effective tools for their health. Its commitment to pure products and excellent customer service has given them a loyal audience. Their returning customer profile comprises 50% of its monthly business, a feat in the world of fast and flashy CBD brands. Because C4 Healthlabs made a conscious decision to focus on the therapeutic benefits of CBD, provide in-depth information to consumers, and offer first-class customer service, they found a niche in the market with individuals who decide to take time to truly learn about the plant and its potential to aid them. 

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