Bluehost SEO Review: Are Bluehost SEO Services Worth It?

Curious Lack of Details

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Producing a well-researched Bluehost SEO review is something of a challenge. The fact is that there is not a whole lot out there from Bluehost or paying customers.



Bluehost is a hosting provider with strong customer service, uptime, and value for money.

That said, I spent time on the phone with Bluehost and found a handful of forums mentioning its SEO services. In the end, I feel confident enough to provide a basic overview of the product.

As a disclaimer, this review focuses solely on SEO tools from Bluehost. For a full report on Bluehost hosting and domain registration services, you can check out our Bluehost review here.

Bluehost SEO review: Are Bluehost SEO services worth it?

No, I promise you that Bluehost’s SEO services are not worth your money.

Before you take my word for it, I’m going to share some background information. Next, I would like to explain my reasons for this viewpoint, and then point you in the right direction for some beneficial SEO tools for your website.

How exactly do Bluehost’s SEO services work?

There is quite a bit of confusion among customers about what this SEO services product is. When going through checkout for web hosting, you should notice the option to add-on “Bluehost SEO Tools Start.”

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Source: Bluehost

This service is a cheaper version of Google Analytics or Monster Insights. While $2/month is not a lot of money, Google Analytics is 100% free. I’ll discuss this more in a bit.

But the SEO services package is something different. Before you can get any details, you need to schedule a consultation with a Bluehost SEO specialist.

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Source: Bluehost

On the consult, a specialist will discuss your SEO expectations and offer a few suggestions. Rates for an SEO service package can range from a few bucks a month to a few hundred dollars a month.

Each package is questionable – in my opinion – and favors tracking and analytics. Except on the most expensive packages, your Bluehost SEO expert will direct you to handle all issues yourself.

Every Bluehost SEO customer receives a portal separate from their Bluehost control panel. On the SEO portal, customers can choose the keywords for which they want to rank. From there, they can follow recommendations from their SEO specialist.

Does Bluehost outsource their SEO services?

At one point in time, it seems that Bluehost used to partner with SEOGears. More than once, I asked a Bluehost agent if they outsourced their SEO tools. Each time, the Bluehost representative insisted that they do not.

I have no reason to doubt these reps (I am a happy Bluehost customer and have been for many years). It seems that Bluehost’s partnership with SEOGears is over.

There is one scenario in which an SEO services package might make sense.

Bluehost’s SEO packages are a la carte selections from its full-service website package.

If you are looking for someone to handle complete website design and content creation, I would say that this product is the only reason an SEO services package might make sense.

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Source: Bluehost

Alternatives to Bluehost SEO tools

Instead of paying extra for SEO services, of which Bluehost seems keen on keeping under wraps, why not learn to use free tools.

Further, if you’re interested in investing money toward more robust SEO software platforms, there are a few that do fantastic work to your website on an affordable budget.

1. Google Analytics (Google Search Console)

If SEO matters to you, I strongly recommend that you learn to use Google Analytics. While it is not the most user-friendly analytics tool available, it is free, and the tool is powerful.

Also, consider taking a few (FREE) courses on Google Analytics from Google Analytics Academy.

2. Yoast

If you have a WordPress site, Yoast is one of my favorite SEO tools. Rather than an analytics tool, Yoast is perfect for on-page optimization.

You can select from a free or low-cost pro version as a WordPress plugin.

3. SE Ranking

Once your website receives 500+ web visitors a month, you might invest in SEO software. SE Ranking is an industry favorite, and plans start at just under $40/month.

Bluehost SEO review: A recap

If you would like to hire Bluehost developers to create your website and manage it, the SEO services included might be worth the investment.



Bluehost is a hosting provider with strong customer service, uptime, and value for money.

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